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My First Sex Experience

Pretty young blonde girl is primed by partner for her first sexual experience. Encounter starts with him kissing her and moving to her breasts where he takes his time kissing and sucking them until her pink nipples are hard and erect peaks. While he fondles her tits he uses his other hand to finger her pussy until it's dripping wet and ready for him to penetrate her. His cock is large and thick and though her pussy opening at first is tight, the muscles soon soften and relax allowing him to slide his fantastic looking dick head into her. As her pussy adjusts to this first intrusion her lover pushes in the rest of his shaft and beings stroking into her bringing her new pleasures and sensations.

Duration: 2 min

Censorship: No

Added: 01-01-2007

Release Year: 2007

Lang: -

Subt: -

Categorie(s): Straight

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